Steph Mekwuye

Steph is a serial entrepreneur, thinker, doer, traveler and connector of people.

She holds an award winning law degree a certification in colour psychology, legal research, a tech enthusiast; Speaker in various subjects.

Steph is the Founder of Eka which comprises of:

  • Niche Consult.
  • Tech&RD.
  • Elipsiiis.
  • Creatives.
  • Media.
  • Quotes.
  • Travel.-  Lifestyle.
  • Food&Wine.
  • Luxury shop

Eka  Consult

A Consultancy firm dedicated to advising start up businesses, individuals and groups on ideas and actualising their goals by strategically taking action to achieve those goals. As well as transferable skills from home to the work place.

Eka Tech

Steph discovered the importance of counting coins aged 4 through her grandmother’s home grown business. Her award winning dissertation focusing on the law around peer to peer technology comes to play in the emergence of cryptocurrency. She relishes in the mechanics of this new technology. .

She is also a professional speaker in varying fields.